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Tips & Tricks for Organizing a Small Bathroom to Maximise Space

“Rawness and refinement are not opposite ends of a luxurious spectrum. They are two complementary features with which to populate a luxe environment.”

– Kelly Weartsler

When we think of a small bathroom, we often imagine it congested and cluttered. This need not be the case if you follow space-saving techniques and become more organized. These days, more and more people prefer smaller homes to downsize. Oraanj Interior Design unveils ingenious tips for small bathroom organization. Discover transformative strategies to maximize space and enhance functionality with style.

So, by following these tips, you can make your small bathroom feel spacious and organized. Once you start organizing your bathroom, you will discover what you need and what is unnecessary. Making the most of the little room you already have will help you create additional space, which is a beautiful place to start your organizing adventure.

For flooring options selection service, consider choosing materials that visually expand the space, such as light-coloured tiles or reflective surfaces. The right flooring can play a significant role in making a tiny bathroom appear more open and less cramped. Working with a flooring options selection service can help you make the best choice that complements your design style while optimizing the perceived space in your bathroom.

Space Magic: Oraanj Interior Design's Tips for Maximizing Your Small Bathroom

1. Take Advantage of the Height

Start with height to unlock the mystery! Consider which storage spaces in your bathroom have extra height and could benefit from having a tier added. A basket placed under the sink, for instance, is excellent for holding things, but there is still a lot of headroom above it. Try purchasing stackable storage cabinets to increase the amount of room you have by double.

This is applicable anywhere, such as on a deep windowsill or even with a rolling cart near your sink. Think about the area above where your natural eye would normally look, as over doorframes. These places can benefit greatly from adding shelving to make room for supplies you don’t use every day, such as extra towels for guests or toilet paper.

In order to maximize storage, here are some guidelines on how to maximise the height of your bathroom:

  1. Use wall-mounted shelves. It’s a great way to add storage space. The shelves may be installed at any height, which allows you to configure their storage according to your needs. You can put a shelf about the height of the toilet to hold more towels or tissues, as an example.
  2. We’re adding a tier for the undersink storage. As you have pointed out, there is often plenty of unused space in the bathroom sink. To double your storage capacity, you may be able to add a tier to the Undersink Storage. stackable storage containers or even lazy susans.
  3. Use a ladder shelf to do it: To make it easier to store your things in the bathroom, ladder shelves are a charming and functional way of doing so. Towels, personal hygiene products, plants and decorative items may be stored on ladder shelves.
  4. Utilizing wall coverings in bathroom design can be a fantastic way to take advantage of the height of the space. Consider using vertical stripes or patterns on the walls to draw the eye upward and create a sense of added height.Additionally, selecting wall coverings in lighter, reflective colours can help bounce light around the room and make it feel more spacious. When working with a professional wall coverings design service, they can provide expert advice and offer a wide range of options to transform your bathroom into a visually stunning and functional space.
Oraanj Hues of Order: Transforming Small Bathrooms with Smart Organization

2. Be Creative With the Space above the Toilet & Bath Area

Bathroom Design with limited space must make the most of every square inch in order to maintain organization. Try installing a cabinet above the toilet if you don’t already have one in your bathroom. Simple shelving, from there, you can reduce the amount of floor space in the bathroom by adding baskets, some straightforward décor, and extra towels. In order to save the most space possible, roll your towels rather than folding them flat. In the space around the tub on the tiled bathroom wall, hang hooks and add water-resistant baskets. You can then add different baskets for each member of the family so that products (such as particular shampoos, extra creams, etc.) don’t occupy space elsewhere.

It’s often overlooked, but it can be a great spot to put storage and style into your bathroom above the toilet and bath area. I’ve got a few ideas for you:

Set up a floating shelf

It’s a simple, stylish way to add storage space above the toilet. It is possible to store towels, detergents or other accessories on the shelf.

Hang a basket

To add storage above the toilet, that’s a more casual way. You can also keep other bathroom supplies such as towels or cleaning products in a basket.

Add a ledge of pictures

It’s a great way to add storage and style in the room above the bath. For the storage of towels, soap and accessories you can take advantage of a picture ledge.

Install a towel rack

It’s a great way for the space above the bath area to be expanded in terms of storage and style. To hang towels, washcloths or bathrobes, you can use a towel rack.

Take the plants out of the ceiling

It’s a fantastic way to enhance the space above the bath area with vegetation and style. Using macrame hanging or plant hook, you can hang plants from the ceiling.

Install a mirror

It is a good way of adding light and style to the area above the bath. Above the bath or the toilet, you can install a mirror. Insert a piece of art in there. It’s a great way for the space above the shower to be filled with personality and style. You’ll be able to hang an artwork above your bath or toilet.

Compact Serenity: Oraanj Interior Design's Guide to Small Bathroom Bliss

3. Make room for the counter

People notice your counter space right away! No matter how necessary the products are, having too many on the counter might appear cluttered and make a tiny bathroom appear much smaller. Only leave the necessities on your countertops, such as hand soap or lotion. You can tuck away the extras in the mirror cabinet above, such as toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, or perfumes. Add a single under-mirror shelf if there isn’t a mirror cabinet so that these things can be kept there. Even so, this makes extra space available for getting ready in the mornings by freeing up the area beneath the counter.

We’ve put together a few helpful hints to make space in the bathroom for your counter:

Declutter your counter:

Make sure you get rid of things that are not used on a regular basis or must be left at the counter.

Organize your counter:

To make sure you have a clean and clear counter, we recommend using baskets, trays or other organizers.

Use vertical space:

To keep essential items in the bathroom, you can put up shelves, wall organizers and a ladder shelf.

Use under-sink storage:

You can use stackable storage bins, lazy Susans, or even a pull-out drawer organizer to maximize your under-sink storage space

Use over-the-door storage:

You could store towels, soap, cleansing supplies and even first aid kits by using Over the Door organizers.

Effortless Elegance: Oraanj's Tricks for Optimal Small Bathroom Organization

4. Instead of Towel Racks – Use Hooks

In the bathroom, hooks are fantastic! They become crucial in a small bathroom. Installing hooks behind your door, near your shower, or even near your sink can keep anything that might fall to the floor in its proper location and help you maintain your floor tidy and clutter-free. Whether folded or hanging on a towel rack, towels can take up a lot of space. You may add more towels in one place and use up less space if you add them to a hook rather than a rack. Similarly, hand towels that are drying or those that are placed next to a sink (near bath area).

In addition, keep in mind some additional precautions to be taken when hanging a hook in the bathroom:

  1. Make sure that the hook is properly installed on the wall. Use a level to make sure that the hooks are installed straight, and use screws that are the appropriate length for the type of wall you are installing the hooks on.
  2. Make sure you don’t set hooks in areas where they can get damaged by humans or objects. For instance, don’t place your hooks in front of the door or shower. If you are using hook to hang thick towels, it is important that your hooks are strong enough to be able to handle the weight.
  3. Let’s make sure the hooks don’t overload. It might be possible for the hooks to break out of the wall due to excessive weight. You should attach the hook at a height they will not be able to reach, when you have young children in your home.
Oraanj's Expertise Unleashed: Tips & Tricks for Small Bathroom Space Optimization

5. Use all of your Sink Space

If you have a cabinet underneath your sink, most of the cleaning products or the small extra products such as toilet paper or medicines can be placed inside that. If there is no space for a cabinet beneath your sink (such as a pedestal sink), try adding a standalone cabinet. There are many different types, and some are very basic, like open shelving or genuine cabinets. Place a three-tiered rolling cart near the sink in place of an under-cabinet storage area. It should have sections or separators. This is ideal for a small bathroom because it adds more countertop space and is simple to move out of the way.

  1. Use a tiered sink shelf. This is a great way to add extra storage space to your sink without taking up any counter space. You can use the shelves to store toiletries, cleaning supplies, or even decorative items. To keep your most frequently used goods close at hand.
  2. When you wake up or go to bed in the morning, it’s going to save you a lot of time and trouble. Use a designated room to store your cleaning supplies. To keep the sink organised and clutter less, this will help.
  3. Make sure your sink is clean and dry. In doing so, it will help avoid the development of mold and bacteria. If there is a leak in your sink, be sure to check it regularly.
  4. The water damage to your cabinets and countertops can be caused by leakages.

You will be able to maximize all of your bathroom space in an efficient and effective way by taking advantage of these tips. A more comfortable and effective workspace is one which has a well organised sink.

Author:- Ashitha Shyamkumar Nair & Rutuja Borade (Interior Designer)