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How to Incorporate Spring Colours Into Your Home Decor?

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way “

– Mary Anne Radmacher

The natural environment we live in has influenced our perception of colour and season. The trees’ leaves transform into rich, warm tones of red, orange, and yellow in the autumn. The scenery has a chilly, white colour in the winter because it is frequently blanketed in snow. The world is reborn in a riot of vivid colours as spring brings new life.

These seasonal colours arouse particular feelings and emotions in us, which is why we are drawn to them. Warm, rich hues like orange, yellow, and red are connected to abundance, cosiness, and warmth. White and blue, two cool, dark hues, are linked to serenity, calm, and peace. Bright hues like pink and green are connected to vitality, growth, and rejuvenation.

We welcome new colours into our lives in the springtime because they are symbolic of hope and optimism for a fresh start. The blossoming flowers, the returning birds, and the green grass that emerges from the earth all display these hues. New hues are also being used in home décor and fashion. We paint our walls in breezy colours, and we dress in jewel tones and pastels.

Spring Colours in Interior Design

There are many ways you can use spring colours in your interior design. For instance, you may incorporate earthy tones with natural wood furniture, paint a wall a pastel colour, and adorn your sofa with throw pillows in jewel tones. Additionally, you can incorporate springtime hues into your décor accessories, like rugs, artwork, and vases.

Consider employing a colour specification service to expertly guide the infusion of spring colours into your interior design. This service can provide precise recommendations, ensuring a harmonious blend of earthy tones, pastels, and jewel tones across furniture, walls, throw pillows, and decor accessories like rugs, artwork, and vases, creating a cohesive and vibrant spring-inspired palette.

Make A Statement

When it comes to home décor, boldness and creativity are key to making a statement. Bright and fashionable colours can make any area into a showcase for your own sense of style. Take into consideration using striking colours in novel ways to make a strong statement.

Consider colours other than white and neutrals for your accent wall. Deep jewel tones, such as rich indigo or emerald green, are in keeping with future trends and can add an air of grandeur. On the other hand, bold hues like mustard yellow or coral can add a lively, playful atmosphere.

Try using striking wall panelling or tiles in the kitchen. Vibrant hues like glossy teal, terracotta, or deep navy blue can stand out and create an eye-catching focal point. These spring colours showcase your audacious approach to interior decor in addition to reflecting current design trends.

Remember that using colour to make a statement is about expressing yourself and going beyond the bounds of traditional design. Thus, don’t be scared to use bold and unusual design elements to establish the mood of your rooms.

Balance the Brights with the Neutrals

While it’s certainly exciting to use colour to make a statement in interior design, striking a harmonious balance is crucial. Excessive use of statement colours can quickly overpower a room and detract from its overall aesthetic. It’s critical to use colour theory and thoughtfully use neutrals to prevent this. By providing a soothing contrast to the vivid colours, neutrals help to keep the composition from becoming chaotic.

For example, a well-balanced and visually pleasing contrast can be achieved by pairing furnishings in light grey or beige with an accent wall that is deep navy. Essentially, the way that statement colours and neutrals interact keeps your decor interesting and welcoming without being overbearing to the eyes.

Art & Accessories in Interior Design

Play Around With Accessories

A great and affordable way to incorporate spring colours into your London’s interior design without spending a lot of time or money is to experiment with accessories. Try experimenting with bright throw pillows, cosy blankets, fresh flower arrangements, and eye-catching vases; they’re all reasonably priced and simple to switch out with the seasons.

Because of their adaptability, these accessories make it simple to update your room without having to completely redecorate it. You can easily bring life and the vibrant essence of spring into your home by strategically using accessories, creating a welcoming atmosphere without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your precious time.

For cost-effective and effortless residential transformations that embrace the lively hues of spring, consider playing with accessories such as vibrant throw pillows, cosy blankets, fresh flower arrangements, and eye-catching vases. These easily interchangeable and budget-friendly elements offer a simple way to update your space, infusing it with the lively essence of spring and creating a welcoming atmosphere without requiring a substantial investment of time or money.

Use Fabrics

One of the easiest and fastest ways to update your space is to use fabrics to easily incorporate spring colours into the interior design of your home. We frequently ignore the power of soft furnishings in favour of tiles, walls, and furniture. Curtains, upholstery, and cushion covers, among other fabrics, are essential for tying all other design elements together and establishing a welcoming atmosphere.

You may bring a feeling of rejuvenation and vitality into your home by selecting spring-inspired textiles with pastel hues or floral designs. The ability of textiles to subtly alter spaces makes them an essential tool for creating a visually pleasing and seasonally appropriate interior. 

Spring Colours Fabrics in Interior Design


In addition to being an important component in creating the atmosphere and mood of your interior space, lighting can also be a useful tool for highlighting springtime hues. A calm and light atmosphere that embraces the essence of spring can be created by natural light filtering through curtains in gentle, pastel hues. Think about using pendant lights or lamps in evening settings that go well with the spring colour scheme you’ve selected, like delicate pinks or greens with floral accents.

In order to replicate the shifting light of spring, dimmable lighting can also help you go from bright and vivid during the day to a warm and inviting glow at night. You can make your home welcoming and harmonious with the seasons by carefully choosing your lighting to bring out the best of springtime hues.

As we step into the vibrant spring of 2024, Pantone’s colour forecast brings us three captivating shades that are set to inspire your home decor: Chambray Blue, Pastel Lilac, and Lemon Drop. Let’s embark on a journey to explore how each of these delightful hues can infuse your living spaces with the essence of this colourful season.

Chambray Blue

A vibrant option to infuse your home with the spirit of spring is Pantone’s Chambray Blue, a brightened denim blue with a lively vibe. There are several options available with this adaptable shade. You might think about painting an accent wall in your living room or bedroom to add Chambray Blue. For a clean, modern aesthetic, pair it with white or soft grey furnishings. Add some flare with navy throw pillows, a rug with Chambray Blue highlights, or artwork that features this colour. This creates a room that captures the vivid serenity of spring while feeling timeless and full of life.

Additionally, Chambray Blue can be used for upholstery on a sofa or armchair that makes a statement in your room. It elevates the look of your interior and works incredibly well with organic materials like wood. Consider pairing this colour with metallic accents, such as brass or gold, to finish the look. These elements add glitz and cosiness to your living area. When carefully combined with other elements, the vibrancy of Chambray Blue creates a harmonious balance that perfectly captures the upbeat yet tranquil atmosphere of spring.

Spring Colours Pastel Lilac in Interior Design

Pastel Lilac

Pantone’s Pastel Lilac is a soft, powdery lavender hue that conveys a serene, pleasant feeling. Consider adding soft furnishings and textiles to your home to create a springtime ambience by incorporating this calming colour. Decorate your bedroom with bedding and curtains that are pastel lilac to create a peaceful and dreamy atmosphere. A sophisticated Pastel Lilac armchair can be transformed into a comfortable reading or lounging area.

Applying Pastel Lilac paint to an accent wall can create a more striking effect and create a serene backdrop for your dining room or living room. Light grey or cream are two gentle, neutral shades that go nicely with this colour. To further intensify the dreamy ambiance, add artwork or decorative accents with floral or lavender motifs to your space.

Adding pastel lilac to your outdoor spaces through the choice of patio seating cushions, throw pillows, and garden furniture is another inventive way to update your outdoor décor. Add some aromatic lavender plants to your terrace or garden to finish the experience. By doing this, you can transform your house into a multisensory spring retreat that promotes calm and relaxation.

Spring Colours Lemon Drop in Interior Design

Lemon Drop

Pantone’s Lemon Drop is a bright, cheery color that perfectly captures the energy of spring. Start with high-impact elements like your kitchen cabinets to introduce this vibrant spring colours into your house. Your home’s heart is instantly filled with warmth and happiness when you paint your cabinets in Lemon Drop. This audacious decision can draw attention to your kitchen and brighten the space.

Choose a Lemon Drop accent wall for your dining room or living room for a more understated look. This gives your furniture and decor a dynamic backdrop. It looks great with neutral colours like white, grey, or soft beige to create a space that is both lively and well-balanced.

Add tableware, decorations, or curtains with a lemon pattern to complete your room with a Lemon Drop theme. The happy atmosphere will be further enhanced by these accents. To create a cohesive and vibrant spring decor, you can also add fresh citrus elements like lemon-filled fruit bowls, a lemon-scented candle, or artwork with a lemon theme.

Consider utilising bright plant pots and colourful patio furniture outside to embrace Lemon Drop’s sunny disposition. If you want to bring the happy vibes into your garden or terrace, choose Lemon Drop patio cushions or tableware. This vibrant colour is ideal for bringing the vibrant, exuberant spirit of spring into your living spaces because it not only brightens your home but also lifts your spirits.

Enhance your residential interior design portfolio by showcasing projects that utilize bright plant pots, colourful patio furniture, and vibrant accents like Lemon Drop cushions or tableware. These elements bring a sunny disposition to outdoor spaces and illustrate your ability to infuse lively and cheerful aesthetics into residential designs.

Incorporating spring colors into your home decor can refresh your living space and bring a vibrant touch to your interior design in London. For expert guidance and creative ideas, trust Oraanj Interior Design to transform your home with the beauty of spring.

Author:- Aisha Singh & Aarya Dhumal (Interior Designer)