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Your Favorite Home Decor Blogs

The home should be the treasure chest of living.

– Le Corbusier

Interior decorating can be a great way to express your personality, which will make home feel comfortable and welcoming. There’s a lot of great home decor websites out there that can inspire you and help make your house what you love. I’ve compiled a list of my absolute favourite blogs in order to help you get around the world of home decor blog

These sites are filled with a selection of styles ranging from modern and minimalism to eclectic and bohemian, which will allow you to find inspiration that matches your own taste.

The Inspired Room

A true classic in the home decor blogging world, The Inspired Room has been inspiring readers for over a decade. Founded by Melissa Michaels, the blog is known for its approachable and relatable style, offering practical tips and DIY projects that anyone can tackle. In her writing, Melissa has shown herself to be an amiable and accommodating personality that makes her a trusted advisor for anybody who wishes to renovate their homes.

The Inspired Room is an essential resource, whether you’re looking for instructions about colour schemes, furniture arrangements or accessorizing. Inspired Room is an award-winning blog that’s been popular because of its emphasis on providing easy suggestions for how to make your home look beautiful and organized.

Centsational Style

If you’re looking for a blog that’s packed with DIY projects, Centsational Style is your go-to destination. The blog, which is created by Kate White, contains a treasure of ideas for budget friendly home decor, from repurposed furniture to clever storage solutions. Kate’s enthusiasm and creativity are contagious, motivating you to tackle DIY projects with confidence. 

Centsational Style is an indispensable resource for anyone who wants to build a beautiful and inviting house without breaking the bank, whether you are a skilled DIYer or just starting out. It is her friendly and approachable style that makes Kate’s blog a pleasure to read, the passion for DIY evident in every post. 

It’s a reminder to readers that there is no perfect or wrong way of DIY, encouraging them to embrace creative ideas and experiment with different projects. Centsational Style is sure to become a goto resources for anyone who likes to create and Decorate their homes, given its wealth of inspiration, practical advice as well as encouragement.

The Lettered Cottage

With a focus on farmhouse chic and rustic charm, The Lettered Cottage is a haven for those who appreciate the warmth and simplicity of country living. Linda Ly, the blog’s creator, has a knack for transforming ordinary spaces into cosy retreats, incorporating vintage finds, DIY projects, and natural elements to create a truly inviting atmosphere. The Lettered Cottage is one of those blogs to follow if you’ve fallen in love with the timeless appeal of farmhouse decor. 

Linda proves it is easy to create an inviting atmosphere through her DIY projects, vintage finds and useful tips on updating your home. The Lettered Cottage, with its emphasis on nature and Rustic Accents, is a must to follow for anyone that wishes to embrace the traditional appeal of farmhouse decor. Linda’s blog will inspire and motivate you to create a house that exudes the essence of farmhouse living, whether you are drawn by the weathered patina of reclaimed wood, the graceful charm of traditional textiles or the soothing colors of natural materials.

Coco+ Kelley

Coco+Kelley is a blog that exudes easy elegance and relaxed sophistication as it embraces the California cool aesthetic. The founders of the blog, sisters Katie and Bailey, have a tendency for creating spaces that are both elegant and appealing by mixing contemporary features with vintage discoveries and organic textures. 

Coco+Kelley has something for everybody if you’re looking for inspiration about your living room, bedroom or outdoor space. In Coco+Kelley’s pages, you will find a world of thoughtfully selected interiors which capture the essence of California cool. It’s a blog called Coco+Kelley, based on the life of California. Each design radiates a sense of understated elegance which inspires the creation of a home reflecting your own style and celebrating the beauty of everyday living, from sunned living rooms to cozy bedrooms or tranquil outdoor spaces.

The Design Files

Scandinavian and modern home decor is the focus of the Design Files blog from Australia. Lucy Feagins writes this blog, and she’s passionate about helping other people to create fashionable homes that are also functional. A great resource for inspiration in your home and to learn about the latest trends of Scandinavian and modern interior design, The Design Files are a good source.

This is an amazing collection of inspiration, from real Australian homes adorned with Scandinavian flair to intriguing articles that examine the mysteries of today’s interior design. The Design Files has something for every design lover, whether you’re searching for a touch of Nordic minimalism or the taste of midcentury Modern charm. 

Take the Scandinavian or modern approach to living and create spaces which are both elegant and inviting, combining simplicity with functionality and natural beauty.

Apartment Therapy

Apartments Therapy is the blog that’s going to focus on little space living. A team of editors, who share the same passion for helping others create sleek and functional houses which are also small, write this blog. Apartment Therapy is an excellent source of inspiration for your small area, as well as a good place to learn about latest trends in tiny room living. 

Let’s take Apartment Therapy as our guide if you are ready to embrace the joys of life on a smaller scale. You will soon discover that small spaces can be just as beautiful, comfortable, and inviting as their larger counterparts, thanks to their abundance of resources and expert advice.


Remodelista is a blog that deals with the renovation and building of homes. A team of editors, who share a passion for helping others create beautiful and functional homes, write the blog. In addition to finding inspiration for your home renovation or rebuilding, Remodelista is a great source of information on the most recent trends in renovating homes.

The platform’s comprehensive coverage encompasses a wide spectrum of topics, from architectural elements and interior design to landscaping ideas and sustainable practices. A team of passionate editors, who share a common goal of empowering individuals to transform their living spaces into beautiful and functional spaces, is at the helm of Remodelista. 

From architectural features and interior design to landscape concepts and sustainable living practices, the Platform covers a wide variety of topics. Remodelista provides the tools and experience needed to build a home that reflects your own style and ambitions, whether you’re embarking on an extensive restoration or looking for subtle improvements.

My Domaine

My Domaine’s a blog about fashion, beauty and interior design. A team of editors, who share a passion for helping others live fashionable lives, write this blog. My Domaine’s a great resource to find inspiration for your home as well as learn about the most recent trends in fashion, beauty and interior design. 

To deliver a comprehensive resource for everything home, our editorial team brings together their experience in fashion, beauty and interior design. We’re talking about everything from the latest trends in furniture and decor, practical tips on how to organise a closet or tackle DIY projects. MyDomaine is an ideal place to start, whether you’d like inspiration for a new home renovation or just want to keep up with the latest trends.


Domino’s a blog that deals with modern and contemporary home decor. The blog is written by a group of editors who share their passion for helping others make stylish homes that are functional. Domino provides an excellent source of inspiration for your house as well as information on the most recent trends in modern and contemporary home decor. 

If you want to find out the latest trends in interior design, explore expert information and tricks or discover gems from all around the world, read our extensive collection of articles. We’ll help you create a living space that reflects your individual personality and style, from minimalist Scandinavian designs to bold and eclectic touches. Domino is more than a blog; it’s a community of home decorators who want to share their knowledge and experience. Get involved in lively discussions, seek advice from other DIYers, and find inspiration in other people’s homes.

The Everygirl

Everygirl is a blog that’s got all kinds of stuff about home decor, fashion and beauty. There’s a lot of resources on the blog that can help you find inspiration all over your life. The Everygirl is a great place to start, whether you’re looking for ideas for your home, your clothes, or your next makeup purchase.

Blogs about home design are a great way to get inspiration and ideas on how to decorate your house. They may also be a source of information about DIY projects, interior design trends and advice on how to create the home that is fashionable and functional. With so much good blog sites on home decor, you’re sure to come across one that suits your tastes and will make a house of your liking.