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Luxury Finishes : Exploring Metallic, Matte & Textured Hardware Trends

“Luxury is when it seems flawless when you reach the right balance between all elements. Understated theatrically – that is what my luxuary is all about.”

– Jean-Louis Deniot

In the world of interior design and home décor, the devil is often in the details. And when it comes to these details, the choice of hardware can make or break the overall aesthetic of a space. In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift towards embracing luxury finishes in hardware design, with metallic, matte, and textured hardware trends taking centre stage. Let’s delve into these trends and discover how they are transforming the world of luxury interior design in London.

Luxury hardware trends

Metallic : The Timeless Elegance

One of the most enduring trends in luxury hardware is the use of metallic finishes. These finishes, such as gold, silver, brass, and bronze, exude a timeless elegance that adds opulence to any space. While metallic hardware has been a staple in traditional and classic interior designs, it has also foungd its way into contemporary and modern settings for instance at luxurious hotel interior design. The versatility of metallic lies in their ability to complement various color palettes and design styles.


Brass finishes give a warm and pleasant appearance, making them an increasingly popular choice for hardware, lighting or decorative accessories. It can give an elegant, timeless look to a room by adding vintage or traditional touches.


Gold finishes are often of a luxurious and rich quality that make them an excellent choice for accessories, as well as furniture in high end home designs. For example, in the modern and minimal setting gold can be added to create a stunning contrast or enhancing the richness of an ancient or classical interior.


Copper finishes bring a warm and rustic feel to a space, adding character and depth. They are available in a variety of design styles, from industrial to agricultural buildings and much more. Copper finishes are often found in kitchen accessories, lighting fittings and decorative items.

Silver and Chrome

These finishes, which add a trendy touch to hardware, fittings or appliances, offer an elegant new look. In both kitchens and bathrooms as well as contemporary furniture, they are commonly used for the sake of looking clean and polished.

Rose Gold

Over the last few years, rose gold finish has been gaining popularity in both interior and fashion. Rose gold finishes can add an elegant, modern feel to a variety of design elements, such as hardware, lighting and decorative accessories, which are rendered in soft and romantic shades.

When using metallic finishes in a space, it would be important to take account of the entirety of the design concept and make sure that their use is complementary to current colors, textures and materials. A mix of various finishes can give you visual dynamism and eclectic appearance, but the use of a single metal finish across all rooms is also capable of creating an overall coherent and harmonious design.

A combination of different metallic finishes can provide a visual dynamic and eclectic look that may be enhanced by using one metallic finish throughout the room, whilst at the same time creating an overall harmonious design.

Architectural hardware trends

Matte : The Sleek Sophistication

While metallic offers a sense of glamour, matte finishes bring a different kind of sophistication to interior desigs such as modern luxury master bedroom design. Matte hardware, characterised by its non-reflective, muted surface, has gained prominence for its sleek and modern appearance. It is a perfect choice for those seeking a minimalist or industrial aesthetic.

Matte blacks

For the ability to add a bold and contemporary look to different parts, like kitchen and bathroom cabinets, furniture or accessories, matt black finishes are particularly popular. When combined with light colors, they create a striking contrast and are often chosen as an ideal choice to achieve the modern and minimal look.

Satin Nickel

A delicate shine and a smooth, subtle appearance are present in satin nickel finishes that work well for both old and new environments. They are often used in hardware, taps and lighting appliances to give a sophisticated but timeless look which complements the various design styles.

Matte White

To create a clean and modern appearance, matt white finishes could add a sense of purity and simplicity to the space. Their simplicity and refined design options make them a popular choice for both kitchen and bath cabinetry as well as furnishings and wall finishes, which can help to improve the appearance of rooms.

Matte Metallic

A contemporary twist on traditional metallic offers a softer, more subtle appearance through the use of matte metallic finishes such as matt gold or matt silver. They are capable of adding a degree of sophistication and refinement to the space, allowing them to be used in many different kinds of decoration accents, lighting fittings or hardware.

In order to include matt finish in the design scheme, attention should be paid to total balance and contrast of space. It is possible to create a visually interesting and dynamic look by mixing matt finishes with other textures and materials. Furthermore, given the essential lighting situation in the room, it is also vital to consider that matt finishes can give a variety of effects depending upon the natural and artificial light present.

Beyond black, matte finishes in muted tones like grey and navy have also emerged as popular choices. They offer versatility and subtlety, allowing them to seamlessly blend into a variety of design schemes. Matte hardware’s understated elegance makes it an excellent choice for those who appreciate clean lines and a modern feel.

designer hardware trends

Textured : The Tactile Experience

Texture has long been an important element in interior design, and it has now made its way into hardware trends. Textured hardware adds depth and dimension to a space, inviting tactile exploration. This hardware trends brings a sensory experience into the design equation.

One of the most intriguing aspects of textured hardware is its ability to make a statement without relying on color or shine. Geometric patterns, hammered finishes, and intricate engravings are some examples of textured hardware that can transform a simple piece into a work of art. These pieces become conversation starters, drawing attention to their unique textures and craftsmanship.

Moreover, textured hardware can introduce a touch of nature into your interiors. Organic textures like wood grain, stone, or leather can be incorporated into hardware design, bridging the gap between the natural world and interior spaces. These textures create a warm and inviting ambience, perfect for those who seek a connection with nature within their homes.

Embossed pattern

On surfaces such as walls, ceilings and furniture, texture finishes with embossed patterns bring a feeling of complexity and detail to the surface. These designs can be inspired by delicate flowers or more elaborate geometrical compositions, which offer a variety of customization options for enhancing the space’s appearance.

Engraved surfaces

The textures of the painted surface create a subtle and polished look that can be used on glass, metal or wood. Such techniques may produce ingenious designs or patterns that can capture the light and add a touch of elegance and sophistication to furniture, for instance mirrors, decorative panels etc.

Rustic surfaces

A warm, inviting atmosphere is provided by the textures of rustic materials such as distressed wood or weathered stone that evoke a sense of history and craftsmanship. In farmhouses and industrial interiors, where a touch of authenticity and characteristic is added to furniture, floors, accent walls, such finishes are very common.

Woven and fabric textures

Textured finishes can make a room feel warm and cheerful by imitating the patterns of woven or fabrics. These textures are often used in upholstery, wallpaper, and rugs, providing a tactile experience that adds comfort and visual depth to a room.

A multitudinous, visually dynamic environment can be created by integrating texture finishes into the design scheme such as pop art dining experience. The overall theme and style of the space shall be taken into consideration to make sure that it is not distorted by these texture elements in parallel with its original design. Moreover, the incorporation of a number of textures may make an overall aesthetic richer and harmonious to allow for more engaging and inviting environments.

Fashionable hardware Trends

In conclusion, the world of luxury finishes in hardware design is ever-evolving, and metallic, matte, and textured trends continue to captivate interior designers and homeowners alike. Whether you are drawn to the timeless allure of metallic, the sleek sophistication of matte finishes, or the tactile experience of textured hardware, there is a wealth of options available to elevate your interior design.

Ultimately, the choice of hardware should align with your personal style, the overall aesthetic of your space, and the functionality you desire. By carefully selecting and incorporating these hardware trends into your design, you can create a harmonious and luxurious atmosphere that reflects your unique taste and personality, making your home a true expression of your style and preferences. So, embrace these trends, experiment with different finishes, and watch as your living spaces are transformed into showcases of modern luxury and timeless elegance with Oraanj Interior Design.

Author: Deepika Kaushik & Gayatri Joshi (Interior Designer)