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8 Most Popular YouTube Channels for Home Design Enthusiasts

“Every great design begins with an even better story.”

-Lorinda Mamo

Are you an enthusiast for interior design looking for ideas, originality, and insightful information? Go no farther than the enormous realm of YouTube, an absolute gold mine for fans of interior design. It can be a little intimidating to navigate this world because there are so many channels that cater to different tastes and design philosophies. The most well-liked YouTube channels that support your passion have been carefully selected to help you in your search for the ideal home design resources. These channels have you covered whether you’re looking for renovation ideas, are itching to take on fun DIY projects, or are just dying to take in the beauty of gorgeous homes.

YouTube is an ocean of creative inspiration for interior design, where no boundaries can be set. You can fully immerse yourself in the art of converting living spaces into exquisite reflections of individual taste and style in this digital gallery. These channels serve as your entryway into a world where every video offers a glimpse into the creative processes of gifted designers and do-it-yourself enthusiasts, along with a plethora of useful advice and techniques to help you improve the quality of your own DIY projects.

Studio Mc Gee You Tube Channels

We will explore the fascinating worlds of eight outstanding interior design YouTubers, each with their own distinct style and area of expertise, in the blog that follows. These influencers have built a devoted fan base by imparting their knowledge and exhibiting their amazing design journeys. You too can achieve amazing results with your own interior design projects by taking their lead and paying close attention to their priceless advice.

Additionally, we’ll delve into hospitality portfolio from a prominent designer in this field, offering insights into the unique challenges and creative solutions that define the art of crafting inviting and immersive spaces.

There is something to learn and appreciate from these gifted people regardless of your level of experience decorating or design experience. Welcome to a world of change and inspiration, where these YouTubers are your reliable mentors in the skill of designing stunning, peaceful homes.

1. Studio McGee

Shea McGee is the owner and operator of Studio McGee, a YouTube channel well-known for its dedication to classic and tasteful design. Shea’s skill is evident in the way she can combine traditional and contemporary design elements to create timeless, gorgeous spaces. Shea provides viewers with a glimpse into absolutely stunning room makeovers that she and her team perform.

For individuals who have an appreciation for sophisticated and refined aesthetics, her channel is a great place to find inspiration. Watchers can pick up tips from Shea’s skill at designing opulent homes with a modern, hospitable touch. Studio McGee is your resource for creating a unified and stylish living space, whether it’s mastering the use of patterns or the skill of colour coordination.

2. Oh Joy!

Oh Joy! is a creative and upbeat channel that is curated by the creative Joy Cho. Joy’s approach to design is whimsical and playful, emphasising colour and pattern. This defines her niche. Her interiors are celebrations of happy living. Oh Joy! is the ideal resource for ideas if you want to add some colour and personality to your house. Your creativity will be piqued by Joy’s inventive designs, which will motivate you to investigate a livelier and more eclectic approach to interior design. If you’re looking for inspiration to update your living room, design a fun nursery, or just add some fun to any area, Joy’s perceptive observations and endearing demeanour are guaranteed to spark your imagination.

3. Sharrah Stevens

In the field of interior design, Sharrah Stevens’ channel is a delightful jolt of enthusiasm. Sharrah has a vibrant personality, which is reflected in her channel, which showcases her unique and colourful style of design. Her ability to create accessible, affordable, and original DIY projects is what makes her stand out. 

Her speciality is bringing a little personality and charm into homes, which appeals to a wide range of people looking to give their places a more lively and modern feel. Sharrah’s channel is a must-visit for anyone looking to start their own design journey because of her contagious enthusiasm, which is both inspirational and incredibly educational.

Sharrah Stevens youtube channel

4. Kinwoven – Robeson Design

A holistic approach to interior design is provided by Kinwoven, which is run by Rebecca Robeson and focuses on establishing peaceful living spaces. Rebecca’s skill is evident in her thorough room makeovers and her original “3D Living” idea. Her designs are defined by a careful blending of form and texture, creating warm, harmonious environments. It is anticipated that viewers will gain important knowledge about furniture placement, room arrangement, and the development of harmonious design schemes. For individuals who want to improve the overall aesthetic appeal and usability of their living areas, Kinwoven is a must-watch channel. Rebecca is a wealth of information for anyone trying to design rooms that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional because of her ability to combine elements with accuracy and artistry.

5. Emily Henderson

Through her YouTube channel, seasoned design expert Emily Henderson educates the world on her vast knowledge and insights. Emily stands out for her eclectic and adaptable approach to design. Her channel is a goldmine of inspiration and advice for designers. Emily is your go-to expert if you’re interested in learning how to layer textures, patterns, and styles to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere. Emily shares her years of industry experience to offer insightful advice on accessorising, styling, and transforming any space into a cosy retreat. Her channel is the best place to go if you want to give your house some personality and charm, and her knowledge can help you design rooms that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly cosy and intimate.

6. Bobby Berk

Renowned for his work on Netflix’s “Queer Eye” and his design acumen, Bobby Berk runs a YouTube channel that explores modern interior design. His speciality is contemporary, urban settings that prioritise comfort and usefulness. For individuals who value simplicity, elegance, and clean lines, Bobby has a wealth of inspiration. His channel offers smart room makeovers and useful design advice that show viewers how to create beautiful but comfortable spaces. Bobby Berk’s channel is an invaluable resource for learning how to infuse your living space with a sense of style and functionality, regardless of your preference for the sleek elegance of modern design or your desire to make the most use of available space in your house.

Booby Berk You tube channel

7. The Sorry Girls

Run by Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid, The Sorry Girls is the ideal place for do-it-yourselfers and thrifty decorators. Their channel focuses on creating fashionable yet reasonably priced décor options. Repurposing, upcycling, and making affordable custom furniture and decor items are Kelsey and Becky’s specialties. They provide countless ideas for people who want to add personality to their surroundings without breaking the bank. The Sorry Girls offer an abundance of inventive do-it-yourself projects and low-cost decorating ideas that anyone can copy, whether you’re into eco-friendly design and love the fulfilment that comes from making handmade décor.

8. Lane Fox

The channel Lone Fox, hosted by Drew Scott, honours originality and inventiveness in interior design. Drew specialises in affordable, approachable style while embracing eclectic and bohemian aesthetics. He provides viewers with insightful advice on how to mix different patterns, textures, and design elements to make visually arresting and intimate spaces.

Lone Fox is the ideal platform if you want to explore original and creative decor ideas or if you want to add a boho-chic vibe to your home. Drew’s design philosophy pushes you to explore unorthodox design choices and think creatively. Anyone who wants to design unique and eclectic living spaces can find inspiration from his channel.

Lane Fox Youtube Channel

Additionally, we have a YouTube channel called Oraanj Interior Designs where we share glimpses of our design journey and process along with creative and trend-setting ideas that offer a new take on interior aesthetics.

These YouTube channels are a great place to start if you’re looking for ideas for your next home renovation project or just want to look at gorgeous homes. You can find a lot of design inspiration on YouTube by searching for channels that suit your own interests and preferences.

Consider enhancing your design journey by exploring commercial portfolios, offering inspiration and insights for your next home renovation project, and providing a comprehensive view of diverse design aesthetics and solutions.

The following advice will help you find the top YouTube channels related to your interests in home design:

i. Determine Your Favourite Design Styles: Think about the design aesthetics that most appeal to you. Knowing what you like will help you narrow down your search, whether it’s sleek modern designs, farmhouse aesthetics, or something completely different.

ii. Read Reviews: Before clicking “Subscribe,” spend a few minutes reading what other viewers have to say. This can give you important information about the content’s quality and whether it meets your expectations.

iii. Watch Teasers and Trailers: A lot of YouTube channels post teaser videos and trailers for upcoming projects. You can tell if you’re a good fit for the channel by watching these previews, which give you an idea of its content style.

iv. Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things: There are a tonne of amazing YouTube channels dedicated to home design, so don’t be scared to look around. Check out the content on a few different channels after you subscribe to see which ones speak to you the most.

Explore a myriad of creative ideas, expert advice, and endless inspiration on various YouTube channels dedicated to residential portfolio, offering a wealth of possibilities to transform your living space into your dream home, catering to all levels of decorating and do-it-yourself expertise.

You’re sure to find a wealth of creative ideas, advice, and inspiration from the numerous YouTube channels devoted to home design. So take a deep breath, get started, and start designing your home. YouTube is your doorway to a world of limitless options for turning your living area into your ideal home, regardless of your level of experience decorating or do-it-yourself experience. 

Enjoy your decorating!

Author:- Simran Patel & Aarya Dhumal (Interior Designers)