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7 Home Decor Stores for Homeowners (2023)

“The beauty of design is its ability to transform a space into something truly extraordinary”

– Kelly Wearstler

Crafting an enchanting living space demands an artistic approach combined with access to the right resources. Whether you’re transitioning into a new abode, rejuvenating your current dwelling, or simply seeking a fresh ambience, it’s essential to identify the prime home decor establishments in the market. To empower your interior design shopping prowess, we’ve meticulously curated a list of the premier UK home decor stores, each offering a distinct fusion of elegance, quality, and inventiveness.

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1. John Lewis & Partners : A Hub of Timeless Diversity

A quintessential British establishment, John Lewis & Partners presents an eclectic range of home decor solutions that span the spectrum from traditional to modern. Focusing on lasting quality, their selection encompasses furniture, lighting, textiles, and embellishments.

Whether you’re in search of opulent statement pieces or practical essentials, John Lewis & Partners is a treasure trove catering to those seeking both variety and enduring charm. A wide choice of furniture, from sofas and armchairs to beds, dining tables and storage cabinets, is offered by John Lewis & Partners.

The collection is made up of traditional designs, as well as modern additions that are constantly evolving. In setting the mood and atmosphere of the room, lighting plays a vital role. It offers a wide range of lighting products such as chandeliers, pendant lights, lamps for the table and floor. In a house, textiles add warmth and character.

They have a broad range of fabrics, such as curtains, blinds, mattresses, cushions and throws. Embellishments of any kind can make a home look elegant and sophisticated. There are many embellishments available, such as vases, candles, photo frames and mirrors.

2. Habitat : The Epitome of Contemporary Sophistication

For devotees of contemporary sophistication, Habitat stands as a beacon of style. Acclaimed for its sleek designs and curated aesthetics, Habitat offers an array of furniture and decor that resonates with the pulse of modern trends. Their emphasis on clean lines and practicality makes it a haven for urban dwellers and design aficionados who aim to infuse a touch of elegance into their living spaces.

The designers of the habitat constantly draw inspiration from the latest trends, but they never lose sight of their commitment to timeless design. These pieces are perfectly suitable for any modern home due to their style and function. Habitat has something for everyone to choose from, whether it’s an accent piece that will make living room stand out or just a few touches need to finish the bedroom.

To create an elegant and inviting living room, Habitat’s sleek minimalist sofa can be used in combination with coffee tables and accent chairs. Floor lamp can provide ambient light, whilst the Habitat rug adds warmth and texture to a room. In a calm and peaceful bedroom their bed could be the focal point.

Habitat is a perfect place for anyone wanting to create a home that’s both elegant and inviting, with its commitment to timeless design, focus on functionality and efficiency, as well as celebrating modern sophistication.

3. Oliver Bonas : Whimsy & Unique Decor

Oliver Bonas delights in infusing a dash of whimsy and uniqueness into its decor offerings. A true gem for those who value offbeat charm, this store prides itself on delivering items that add character to any interior. From unconventional furniture to vibrant artwork and accessories design selection.

Oliver Bonas provides a plethora of conversation-starting elements that lend an unmatched distinctiveness to your home. Oliver Bonas is a British homewares and fashion store known for its eccentric and unique home decor.

The buyers of the shop have an interest in strange and eclectic tastes, and their collections are overflowing with conversation starters. Their accessories are sure to make any room look brighter, whether it’s colourful cushions and blankets or whimsical vases and candlesticks. Oliver Bonas is also noted for its colorful accessories, unconventional furniture and conversation-starting elements.

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4. Dunelm: Affordable Elegance

Dunelm stands out as a go-to destination for budget-conscious individuals who refuse to compromise on style. Boasting a vast repertoire of home decor items spanning furniture, textiles, lighting, and more, Dunelm offers affordable charm in abundance.

From chic bed linens to tasteful decorative elements, Dunelm ensures you can elevate your living environment without straining your finances. It offers a wide range of affordable and attractive home decor items. In a variety of styles and fabrics, they offer all sorts of furniture for you to choose the perfect pieces that will suit your taste and budget.

The company also offers a wide range of textile products, such as bed sheets, curtains and blinds in many colours and patterns. Dunelm is a great place for budget cautious people who don’t sacrifice style, with an extensive selection of inexpensive and attractive home decor.

5. Heal’s : A legacy of Luxurious Excellence

Heal’s is a byword for luxury and sophistication in the UK home decor sphere. With a heritage tracing back to 1810, the store has established itself as a bastion of top-tier furniture and decor. Their collection exudes unparalleled craftsmanship, premium materials, and designs that transcend eras.

For those seeking investment pieces that radiate elegance, Heal’s is an undisputed haven. It is known for its durability and comfort that furniture has been used by designers at this store to push boundaries on innovativeness and style.

With a large selection of lighting, rugs, textiles and accessories to be chosen from, Heal’s is also one of the most popular destinations for home furnishings. It is a destination for generations of home decor lovers because of its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and timeless design, it is simply synonymous of luxury and sophistication for over 200 years.

6. Cox & Cox : Chanelling Rustic Warmth

Cox & Cox specialises in curating decor that channels rustic warmth and cosiness. Their repertoire includes distressed wooden furniture and vintage-inspired accents, all designed to create an inviting atmosphere. Whether your aesthetic leans toward farmhouse appeal or shabby-chic allure, Cox & Cox provides an assortment of choices to suit your preferences

.A neutral base of white, cream or beige walls and surfaces will give you a rustic look. It helps to emphasis the natural textures and colors of your furniture and decor. Wood is an important part of the rural decor. Add a coffee table, dining table, or bed frame to your home with a wood accent.

A great variety of vintage inspired accent pieces, such as metal wall hangings, Enamelware and antique glassware is also offered by Cox & Cox. Such accent may enhance a room’s personality and charm. To make your home comfortable and inviting, soft textures such as blankets, pillows or rugs could do the trick. With a little planning, it’s easy to add the rustic elements of Cox & Cox into your home and create an atmosphere that is both attractive and inviting.

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7. The Range : Abundance without Compromise

The Range stands as a haven for those on a budget, offering a diverse selection of decor options without compromising on choice. From furniture to decorative pieces, their wide array caters to diverse tastes and styles. Whether you’re embarking on a comprehensive room overhaul or seeking small accents to rejuvenate your space,

The Range boasts an extensive inventory. The store’s philosophy is to offer as many items as possible without compromise, and that can be seen in the wide range of goods which includes all manner of furniture, lighting, lamps, home furnishings or garden supplies. The fact that it offers a wide range of goods for all tastes and styles is one of the reasons why it differs from other home furnishing retailers.

The value for money is another thing that The Range is known for. The shop’s prices are very competitive, and it has many sales and discounts on its products. It’s a great place to shop in budget, but it’s also worth checking out if looking for quality products at a reasonable price.Elevating your living space into a personal sanctuary that mirrors your style is a gratifying endeavour. The distinguished home decor stores highlighted above cater to an array of tastes, preferences, and financial considerations, ensuring a rich palette of choices for shoppers.

Whether your heart resonates with timeless elegance, contemporary refinement, or eccentric charm, these stores furnish the tools needed to craft a living space that is uniquely yours. In order to create a comfortable living space which is both attractive and inviting, the distinguished interior design stores shown above offer many choices irrespective of your style. The charm of your space can be enhanced by vintage treasures, global accents, and whimsical pieces. It’s about choosing the pieces you like, which correspond to own unique personality.

Keep in mind that the process of shopping for home decor in stores is a chance for self-expression. Dive into the offerings of these reputable stores and shop with the expertise to assemble a space that seamlessly combines comfort, style, and personal uniqueness, all while embracing its unique essence. Consider exploring our Furniture Selections service to make the process more enjoyable and efficient with Oraanj Interior Design.

Author: Harman Kaur & Sagar Kuchhadia (Interior Designer)